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All about the picturesque Dutch land and Netherlands e visa

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The Hague

Across the globe, if there’s one place unanimously considered peaceful and endearing, it is the Netherlands. An innumerable number of tourists voyage to the charming destination each year from every nook and corner of the world. Its rich diversity and welcoming nature have made the going more accessible and exciting for the globetrotters over time. The urge to visit the Dutch land that houses loads of attractive locations and other things should be complemented with some basic and necessary knowledge about the same. From weather and the Dutch culture to the royal family of the Netherlands, we intend to bring out some rousing information to make future visitors more aware.

Weather and the Dutch culture

With no specific dry season, the country feels like a paradise throughout the year. Winters are not unbearable, and summers are cool to handle. As any tourist would want, there are no extreme weather conditions in any month of the calendar. You can finish visiting the best destinations in the country without any weather-related discomfort. With a perfect blend of climatic conditions and friendly and soft-spoken natives, you can rest assured your travel expenses would pay off in the sweetest way possible.

Adjusting to the culture of any country as a tourist can be a daunting task. Still, the accommodative nation of the Netherlands has cultural tendencies that are not too tough to adapt to and are welcoming in nature. The secular nation houses approximately 17 million people with Dutch as their primary language. The two major religions of the country are Roman Catholic and Protestant. If you roam around searching for delicious cuisines, there would be no disappointments as the country offers a wide variety of food viz., Chinese, Mediterranean, Indonesian, Italian, etc. Dutch people are friendly and loving, with hospitality stitched in their blood.

The Royal Family of the Netherlands

The Netherlands follows a constitutional monarchy and is ruled by the Royal Family since 1815. William I of the Royal family put tremendous efforts to free the country from Spanish rule and therefore became an icon for the people. Currently, the head of the family and the country’s king is Willem-Alexander, who took the baton way back in 2013. Since it is a major tourist destination, the Netherlands e visa is a scheme provided for many nations to make it more accommodative and accessible to the masses.