The Dutch Grand Prix held at Circuit Zandvoort in Zandvoort, Netherlands is a Formula One motor race. From 1952, it became a part of the Formula One World Championship. The event has been an integral part of the Netherlands tourism sector due to the fans it attracts from across the globe.

Brief History

The European Grand Prix was awarded to the Dutch Grand Prix in 1962 and 1976 back when it was given as an honorary title given to one Grand Prix race each year. Over the years since then, the course was redesigned and developed to the word-class circuit it is today.

The last racing event took place in 1985 after which all others were cancelled when the company that ran the Dutch Grand Prix went out of business. The Zandvoort circuit remained unused for some time but was later sold to a bungalow park developer. The track was, however later repurposed for other motorsport purposes.

Restoration To Glory

After what seemed like ages, the Dutch Grand Prix was reopened in 2019 and was announced for the 2020 Formula One calendar. Unfortunately, due to the 2020 global pandemic, the event was postponed. This was until 2021 when Max Verstappen took the victory. As things slowly return to how they were, we expect more events to be held here.