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Four Seasons of Netherlands Tourism

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Beauty of Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a small country with a rich history and charming landscape, filled with channels and windmills. It is easy to get around the country thanks to the efficient public transport system, with trains, buses and trams to choose from. It won’t take long to reach different destinations, as the entire country can be traversed in under three hours.

Visiting the Netherlands in Each Season

The most popular time of year is spring, starting in April. Spring has the least amount of rainfall and mild weather. Famous fields of tulips are in full bloom during spring. In summer, the weather warms up considerably and you can visit the coastline and enjoy the beaches. Festivals with music, food and carnival rides pop up everywhere in summer.

Autumn sees the weather cooling down and rain returning in full force. Autumn is regarded as the most beautiful season, with the forests changing colour and mist blanketing the land. Winter transforms the Netherlands into a snowy wonderland. You can enjoy Christmas markets, light festivals and ice skating during winter.

Put the Netherlands on Your Bucket List

A common question to ask is, “When is the best time of year to visit the Netherlands?’ Keep in mind that the busiest and most expensive season for tourists is spring. Each season has its own unique charms, and one can argue that every facet of the Netherlands should be experienced by tourists.